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Phone Numbers (all area code "859")
Central Pharmacy 323-5641 Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy 323-5855
Critical Care - Zone 1  257-5957 Investigational Drug Service  323-2894
Pediatric Satellite 323-6369 Oncology Satellite 257-2919
OR Satellite 323-7899 Outpatient Oncology Satellite 323-1280
Pager Numbers
Pharmacist - 5th/7th Floor 330-4247 Pharmacist - Surgery 330-4238
Pharmacist - 6th Floor 330-4243 Pharmacist - Pediatrics 330-4240
Pharmacist - 8th Floor 330-4245 Pharm.D. On Call 330-7400
Pharmacist - Markey Inpatient 330-4242 Antimicrobial Management Team  330-2466
Pharmacist - Markey Outpatient 330-4239    
Pharmacist - Critical Care (ICUs) 330-4237    

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Departmental Contact Information

Pager Text Messaging Tool Pharmacy Services
University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center
800 Rose St, H110
Lexington, KY 40536-0293
Office: (859) 323-6289
Fax: (859) 323-2049
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