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"Best Practice"
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Criteria, Guidelines, and Pathways

 • Restricted Drug Policy
 • Therapeutic Interchanges
 • Formulary Tools
 • Drug Shortages


Through the recommendations of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, the University of Kentucky Hospital has adopted a formulary system for selection of drugs to be used at this institution. In striving to achieve our mission of "Best Practice", the formulary system serves to meet patient needs, reduce pharmacy inventory and contain costs.  A detailed description of the formulary system is available in Pharmacy Policy PH-03-04.

Online Inpatient Formulary

The University of Kentucky Hospital Formulary of Approved Drugs is maintained by the Department of Pharmacy Services and can searched via this website. Because the formulary is subject to continuing revision in the light of new therapeutic knowledge, medications will be added from time to time and others deleted. "Monthly Updates" notifies users about such changes.  University of Kentucky attending physicians and pharmacists may request the addition of a drug to the Inpatient Formulary through the use of an online form.
Non-formulary Drugs

Physicians should become familiar with the various sections of the formulary and should use this information in writing medication orders. In the event that a non-formulary drug needs to be ordered for a particular patient, certain procedures must be followed. Orders for non-formulary drugs require attending physician authorization. Non-formulary drugs may take 24 hours or longer to be obtained.
Criteria-based Drugs

Some formulary drugs are listed as criteria-based. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee has established specific indications for the use of such medications. Refer to the online formulary for a listing of criteria-based drugs.
Restricted-drug Policy

Formulary drugs may be restricted to use, either by medical service (eg., a drug restricted to use by NICU attending physicians), prescribing criteria (eg., a drug restricted to use by specific indication), or patient care area (eg., a drug restricted to use only in NICU).  If the physician orders a restricted formulary drug, the restricted-drug policy guidelines apply.

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