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07 Finance
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07 Finance

SC 07-01
Ordering and Receiving Non-File Items from Vendors into Materials at CAS
SC 07-02
Ordering of Items Provided by Materials to Other Locations in the CAS OR
SC 07-04
Ordering and Receiving Stocked Items from Warehouse and Vendors into CAS Materials
SC 07-06
Issuing of Supplies to Other Patient Care Areas from CAS
SC 07-08
Preparing, Issuing, Decrementing of Inventory, and Returning Case Carts for all CAS Surgical Cases
SC 07-10
Returning Items to Vendors from CAS Materials
SC 07-12
Counting On-Hand Inventory and Conducting Weekly Overall Cycle Count at CAS
SC 07-14
Conducting a Physical Invetory for All Stocked Items in CAS Inventory
SC 07-15
Requesting Non-Urgent, New Product, or Replacement Product Through SVAT Committee for CAS
SC 07-22
Supply Charging/Documentation in PICIS in CAS
Tissue Tracking Instructions