Policy Index - 03 Infection Control
01 Administration
03 Infection Control
04 Building and Equipment
05 Medical Records
06 Medico-Legal Issues
08 Patient Care
09 Personnel
10 Safety and Security
11 Special Services
12 Disaster Plans
Table of Contents - Perioperative

03 Infection Control

OR 03-00
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
OR 03-01
Dress Code
OR 03-02
Hand Hygiene and Surgical Scrubs
OR 03-03
Control of Traffic/Materials/Personal Items in Defined Areas
OR 03-05
Sanitation in the Perioperative Setting
OR 03-06
Skin Prep Technique
OR 03-07
Gastrointestinal Technique
OR 03-08
Lock-Out Tag-Out Policy
OR 03-10
Sterilization Controls and Monitoring
OR 03-11
Event-Related Sterility
OR 03-12
Labeling of Items for Sterilization
OR 03-13
Sterilization of Implants
OR 03-14
Cleaning of Patient Care Equipment
OR 03-15
Pickup or Transport of Used Instrumentation from Outside Facilities
OR 03-17
Sterilization for Immediate Use
OR 03-18
Single Use Medical Device Reprocessing
OR 03-19
Aseptic Technique
OR 03-20
Special Brain Biopsy
OR 03-21
Packaging Materials for Sterilization
OR 03-22
Use of STERRAD 100s, STERRAD 100NX, and STERRAD NX Sterilizers
OR 03-24
Rotation of Stock
OR 03-25
Care, Handling, and Storage of Surgical Instruments
OR 03-26
Cleaning and Processing of Endoscopes and Endoscopic Accessories
OR 03-27
Air Leakage Testing of Flexible Endoscopes
OR 03-29
Terminal Cleaning in the OR, Holding, Recovery, Annex, and Perimeter Cleaning of Perioperative Services
OR 03-30
Processing Loaner Surgical Instrumentation