Policy Index - 05 Medical Records
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03 Infection Control
04 Building and Equipment
05 Medical Records
06 Medico-Legal Issues
08 Patient Care
09 Personnel
10 Safety and Security
11 Special Services
12 Disaster Plans
Table of Contents - Perioperative

05 Medical Records

OR 05-02
PICIS- Daily Allocation of Supplies Procedure
OR 05-03
PICIS- Downtime Procedure
OR 05-04
Security Access in PICIS
OR 05-05
Cancellation of OR Cases in PICIS
OR 05-06
Booking a Patient in PICIS
OR 05-07
PICIS Programming Change Process
OR 05-08
Generating a Preference Card from a Template
OR 05-09
Completion of PICIS Case Record for KODA Cases
OR 05-10
OR Manager Electronic Signature Authentication
OR 05-12
Transferring Patients Across Facilities
OR 05-13
Maintaining Preference Lists in PICIS
OR 05-14
Documentation in PICIS
OR 05-15
PICIS - Scheduling an Add-On Case
OR 05-16
PICIS - Transmission of OR Charges
PICIS-Registration functions
Documentation in the Perioperative Integrated Computer Information System (PICIS)