Policy Index - 08 Patient Care
01 Administration
03 Infection Control
04 Building and Equipment
05 Medical Records
06 Medico-Legal Issues
08 Patient Care
09 Personnel
10 Safety and Security
11 Special Services
12 Disaster Plans
Table of Contents - Perioperative

08 Patient Care

Care of the Body After Death
OR 08-01
Transfer of Patients to PACU/ICU/Nursing
OR 08-02
Criteria for Admission to PACU
OR 08-03
Conditions for Transfer from PACU
OR 08-04
Electroconvulsive Therapy
OR 08-05
Discharge Criteria for PACU Phase I, II
OR 08-07
Extubation Policy in PACU
OR 08-10
OR to PACU, ICU Report
OR 08-12
Cardiac Arrest in Perioperative Services
OR 08-13
Malignant Hyperthermia
OR 08-15
Autologous Blood Salvage and Re-Infusion
OR 08-17
Patient Positioning in the Operating Room
OR 08-19
Procedures Performed in PACU
OR 08-20
Sentinel Node Injection Procedure in Perioperative Services
OR 08-21
Patient Monitoring in PACU Phase I and Phase II
OR 08-28
Accompaniment of Responsible Adult for Outpatient Surgery Procedures
OR 08-35
PACU Boarder/Overflow Criteria
Transfer of ICU Patients from an ICU or the Emergency Department Directly to the Operating Room